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Yochain is a new generation of optoelectronic products shopping service website set up by the Beijing Perfect Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. company independent team started. We make use of professional technology team, strong intensive procurement advantages, rich e-commerce management service experience and the most advanced Internet technology to provide you with the latest and best products and professional technical guidance to help your business development.
Main products: high voltage power supply, WT series high voltage power supply, 120KV extra high voltage power supply, magnetron power supply, medium frequency sputtering, DC sputtering, bias voltage power supply, high power supply, large current power supply, semiconductor power supply, carbon dioxide power supply, pulse power supply.
At present the majority of shoppers gradually to the product price increasingly high demand today, we find that there must be a set of perfect purchasing distribution system, the ability to continuously improve product quality and reduce product prices, thus reducing the cost of intermediate links sales increase is imperative.


Beijing headquarters
Service hotline: 086-010-87581883
E-mail: jydmgs@126.com
Address: Room 1103, Block 2, Chengnan Avenue Business Center, Fentai District, Beijing City, China

Shanghai Office
Service hotline: 086-021-60530883
E-mail: yochain86@gmail.com
Address: Room 625, Building No. 5, 99 lane, anxie Road, Shanghai City, China
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