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After-sales service security measures [fast after-sales service: most of the day can be returned]

The purpose of the company's after-sales service customer first, guarantee timely, enthusiastic service, effective work

In order to establish a comprehensive after-sales service system and strict management system, the owner's after-sales service can be effectively guaranteed. The company set up after-sales service department to ensure that each request from the user has a timely, unique and effective response. It is responsible for internal resources coordination and eliminates all delays and delays.

The after-sales service of the company refers to the products that the company markets and the products involved in the construction, including the following five aspects:

 Service response

 Maintenance Service

 Maintenance Service

 Spare parts supply

 Technical training

First, the service response

1, the main content of the response service:

Remote diagnosis;

Understand the problem

Propose solutions;

Product use and operating characteristics;

Technical documentation

Assist in solving the requirements for improving performance;

Provide system performance adjustment information;

Provide the status of the problem to be solved;

Provide free software upgrade during service period.

2, service response method

Technical hotline;

Night and holidays hotline:

Network service support;

Onsite support services.

3, response time:

In order to ensure the good operation of the user's intelligent system to protect the user's investment, the company promises to:

The equipment warranty period specified by the business contract is 12 months from the date of equipment commission and lifelong service.

Where the products of our company's marketing are tracked and maintained by the full-time maintenance personnel during the warranty period of the product

Where the company's construction project, after the completion of the acceptance of the entire system, assigned full-time maintenance personnel to carry out the warranty period of the system maintenance

All the failures reported by the users are given within one hour to respond and provide timely and effective protection services.

Warranty response time:

Respond within 1 hour, arrived in the city within 2 hours, and arrived in the suburb within 12 hours;

Terminal equipment, mainframe, controller, maintenance and replacement are completed within 3 days after arrival;

Maintenance and replacement of system accessories are completed within one day after arrival;

The after-sales service department must have replacement parts that meet the technical specifications to ensure that the system can be replaced in time during the hardware replacement and repair process to ensure the normal operation of the system.

During the repair and replacement of system components, the system has been stopped for less than one hour.

Failure service operation procedure:


Second, maintenance services

1, the number of years warranty products

1 year warranty product:

Wireless alarm host, wireless remote control, wireless photoelectric smoke detector, wireless dual infrared detector, wireless signal repeater and other major equipment.

The product provided by the manufacturer for more than one year is guaranteed by the warranty period provided by the manufacturer.

All equipment and other spare parts will be implemented in three packages within one year. After one year, the daily maintenance will be free of charge. When the damaged equipment and accessories are replaced, only the cost of equipment and accessories will be paid.

The main equipment can be used for six years under normal use conditions.

Third, maintenance services

During the trial operation of the system, the after-sales service department shall appoint professional and technical personnel to serve the maintenance of the fire burglar alarm system under construction by the user, and to solve various problems that may arise in the system at any time.

During the first three months of the formal operation of the system, monthly routine system operation checks and maintenance are performed so that they can be tracked at any time and prevent problems before they occur.

Within one year after the system acceptance operation, the professional technicians are sent to track the operation of the user's anti-theft and fire alarm systems on a regular basis to solve the problems in the system.

Within ten days prior to the expiration of the system's operating warranty period, professional technicians will be sent back to the operation of the user's fire and burglar alarm system to promptly solve problems in the system; and to negotiate with the user about the renewal contract.

If the user is willing to continue signing the extended maintenance contract after the system running warranty expires, the corresponding renewal maintenance work shall be provided according to the terms of the renewal contract.

Fourth, maintenance service rules

Seriously answer and record user failures to repair the phone; seriously analyze the user fax and network service failure report, do not know where to contact the user in a timely manner to implement the cause of the failure, the time, nature, type, location, degree of impact, the user has taken measures.

V. Coordination measures between various departments

When the engineering department of the company completes the handover of the system, the project shall be responsible for submitting complete as-built drawings, operation training manuals, equipment lists, etc. to the company's reference room; the company's reference room shall establish a complete user profile.

The company's after-sales service department continues to manage and maintain the normal operation of the system during the warranty repair process based on the user's profile, and establishes a user maintenance file so that in the event of a failure, it can promptly search for information and quickly resolve the problem.

The company's after-sales service department shall maintain contact with the manufacturer during the warranty period according to the user's profile, grasp the upgrading and elimination of the user's use of the product during the current warranty period, and notify the user in case of product upgrade and elimination.

The company's material supply department provided timely to the after-sales service department according to the approved maintenance spare purchase order.

When the company's technical support group receives a request for technical support from the after-sales service department, it should actively, proactively, and effectively cooperate with the after-sales service department to solve technical problems in maintenance.

All departments of the company should unite and cooperate to safeguard the company's image, ensure the interests of users, and eliminate all acts of pushing and delaying maintenance services for users.

Six, user supervision measures

In order to ensure the interests of users, and to prevent all delays and delays in the act of user maintenance services, the company requests users to supervise the entire process of maintenance work. Users can fax, write or fill out the following “User Complaints and Handling Records”.

VII. Spare parts supply

In order to ensure effective warranty repair and maintenance services for the system and minimize system downtime, we reserve a certain amount of spare parts and spare parts at any time.

Eight, free technical training


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