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Sputtering power supply

    Keywords: DC Sputtering Power, DC Magnetron Sputtering Power, MF Sputtering Power, Magnetron Sputtering Power, Sputtering Power, Magnetron Sputtering Power Applications are mainly used in the treatment of plastic , Ceramic and other products on the surface of the vapor deposited metal film (aluminum, chromium, tin, stainless steel and other metals), the film melamine film, etc., so as to obtain bright, beautiful, inexpensive plastic, ceramic surface metal products. Widely used in arts and crafts, decoration, lamps, furniture, toys, bottle caps, heel shoes and other fields, multi-functional coating technology and equipment (plus RF plasma polymerization evaporation coating machine), for cars, motorcycles Car lamps and design, in a vacuum chamber to complete the evaporation of aluminum and RF plasma plating protective film, this coating after the lamp has a "three defenses" function. RF plasma polymerization film is also used in optical products, magnetic recording media, military defense film; anti-anti-corrosion anti-corrosion; anti-wear hard film.
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