E light ipl rf system ipl spare parts

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E light ipl rf system ipl spare parts
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WK7C-EC power system

* WK7C Controller

* WS2-5MX 5MHZ 50W RF power supply,

* WN2 800W IPL power supply

E light ipl rf system ipl spare parts

1.  WK7C Touchscreen Controller

Dimension: 190*115*30(mm)

Install Size: 181*59(mm)

Display Window: 154.1×85.9(mm)

Display Mode: truecolor

Language Switch: Chinese, English, other can be customized

Feature: water protection, water quality detection, temperature detection, temperature protection

2.  WN2-600W IPL Power Supply

Input: 220V±20%/50Hz, 60Hz;  110V±10%/, 60Hz

Input Power: 700W

Output Power: 600W

Reservoir capacitance: 30000μF/450V

Work Current: average 4A, peak  20A

Output Current: peak 200~400A

Output Voltage: peak 430V

Dimension: 230*165*116(mm)

E light ipl rf system ipl spare parts

3.  WS2-50W RF Power Supply

Input: AC 220V;  AC 110V

Output Power: 50W(adjustable)

Work Frequency: 5MHz

Work Current: average 1A, peak  5A

Dimension: 262*103*65(mm)

Install Size: 153*87(mm)

E light ipl rf system ipl spare parts


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