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Plasma cleaning power supply

    The plasma cleaner power can be treated by atmospheric pressure plasma technology, and all kinds of polymer, plastic, ceramic, glass or metal can get the surface energy improvement. Through this process, the surface tension of the material is improved, and it is more suitable for industrial applications such as coating and bonding. In electronic products, the surface of LCD screen is coated, the shell and key buttons and other structural parts are printed on the surface, screen and print, PCB surface is removed from glue, decontamination and cleaning, lens glue is pasted before processing; plasma cleaning power supply is used. The pretreatment of automobile industrial vehicle lampshade, brake block and door sealant is done before; the plasma cleaning power supply is used for the micro and harmless cleaning treatment of metal parts in machinery industry, before the treatment of lens before coating, and before the sealing treatment of various industrial materials. The treatment of the top of the side of the edge in a machine for packaging.
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